The Private Eye (5X) Looking / Thinking by Analogy
CAST 2007
Attend 3 different Private Eye Workshops!
Students and Teachers using Private Eye loupes to observe objects and explore the world.

Hands-on Inquiry:
From Private Eye to Magnified Mind
Friday Nov. 16,  12:30 PM to 1:45 PM ACC Ballroom C
Introduction to The Private Eye — Literacy and Scientific Literacy Across Subjects    
Dandelions! Crickets! Eyeballs! Use a jeweler's loupe, simple questions and thinking by analogy to go REALLY close-up! - and develop the essential skills of scientist, writer, artist in your students.  Explore the power of writing, drawing and theorizing with The Private Eye process (K-16)!  Free loupe and materials.

Hands-on Writing Workshop:
Literacy with The Private Eye!
Friday Nov. 16,  2:00 PM to 3:15 PM ACC Ballroom C
Develop students who love to write, and write well, in science and any other subject, using The Private Eye. Write a sandwich poem, write sandwich prose, explore research writing and review correlations with six-trait writing assessment. Participants receive loupe and handouts to keep.

Lab in Hypothesizing & Theorizing:Teacher using a Private Eye jeweler's loupe to observe a furry leaf.
Furry Leaf to Fabulous Inquiry!
Saturday, Nov. 17,  9:00 AM to 10:15 AM ACC Ballroom C

Use loupes (close observation) and the analogy-based inquiry process of The Private Eye to investigate the plant Dusty Miller. Yes, this lab focuses on hypothesizing in Botany— but take the steps of this K-16 model inquiry lesson and apply them to any subject. Participants receive loupe and handouts to keep.