The Private Eye (5X) Looking / Thinking by Analogy
What's Happening with The Private Eye!
Discover the world with The Private Eye!

The Private Eye Training-the-Trainers Institute
It's official! The Private Eye Training-the-Trainers Program is ready for any district. In Houston ISD we've just certified and licensed thirteen trainers (chosen from in-district) to deliver the acclaimed Private Eye workshops. Read more.

Say Hello! at our Fall Conferences
We're presenting at NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) and CAST (Science Teachers Association of Texas) this November. That means we'll be in Fort Worth and Portland. Stop by and say HI!    Here are the details.

Slides to Accelerate your Students
We've posted three new slides used at our workshop: Process and Tools, Loupe-List Choices, and The Writing Wheel;. These are fabulous for students and teachers alike. Download here.

The Private Eye and Project Learning Tree
Terri Jacobson, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Biologist, has created the correlations.
Check out her neat activity sheet here.

Become a Private Eye Investigator!
Yes, you too can have your own Private Eye Investigator Card. Or better yet, your students. A card-carrying reminder for "Looking Closely/Thinking By Analogy."  Get yours here!

"Slugs, Snails and Puppy Dogs' Tails!"
With your Private Eye go eye to eye with a shy snail... and wonder: really— why do snails have eyes raised on flagpoles? How and what, exactly, do they see?  Read more.