The Private Eye (5X) Looking / Thinking by Analogy
What's Bloomin' & Buzzing with The Private Eye?
Student work using The Private Eye process and jeweler's loupe.    Student work using The Private Eye process and jeweler's loupe.

Boston NSTA conference.
Attend The Private Eye NSTA workshops and spring into Spring!

Dandelions! Crickets! Eyeballs!
Two hands-on workshops at the 2008 National Science Teachers annual conference in Boston, Friday, March 28th. Meet Kerry Ruef, founder and director of The Private Eye, the visionary who twenty years ago introduced thinking by analogy hands-on to the world of education.

Lots and Lots of Private Eye Activity Sheets now online!

Nineteen new activity sheets for easy step-by-step exploration with The Private Eye. Your students will create beautiful writing, drawing, and inquiry as they develop critical thinking skills for success in life.

Take a Child Outside (T.A.C.O.) with The Private Eye!

We are pleased to be a partner with Take A Child Outside, an international program designed to help break down obstacles that keep children from discovering the natural world. "You won't bother to save something unless you first care about it.  The Private Eye allows you to care quickly and deeply." Kerry Ruef, Founder and Director, The Private Eye Project.

The Latest Spring Fashions: Designer Insects!

Visit The Private Eye student galleries for some middle school close-up encounters with the critters of this world. You and your students will be abuzz.