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—Introduced to the world of education in 1989 by Kerry Ruef. By far the best of its kind, the loupe is an almost magical, magnification tool. Along with The Private Eye process, the loupe is also a metaphor for magnifiying thought.

Use the loupe with
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How to Use a Loupe!

Be sure to hold it right up against the bones around your eye.
Cut out the distractions
and increase the wonder.


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“I sat in awe as you covered so many of the treasures of The Private Eye in just one hour.”
—Tami Biddington,
   Imlay Elementary, Hillsboro, OR

"Your Private Eye session reenergized my commitment to encourage students to magnify their world!"
—Mary Lou Geraud,
   Willow Creek Elementary, Nampa ID

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Rave Reviews
"A really exciting way to bring out the gifted in everyone."
  — Joseph Renzulli, Director, The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented

"The Private Eye is a wonderful contribution to literacy, poetry and ecological awareness."
  — Robert Hass, U.S. Poet Laureate and Professor, University of California at Berkeley

"The Private Eye is fabulous for adults.  It gives people an immediate experience of the creative process."
— Bonnie Zimmerman, MD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Stanford University Medical School
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