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Students and Teachers using Private Eye loupes to observe objects and explore the world.

Be Happy! Attend The Private Eye NSTA workshops in Boston

Dandelions! Crickets! Eyeballs! Two workshops at the 2008 National Science Teachers annual conference in Boston, Friday, March 28th. Meet Kerry Ruef, founder and director of The Private Eye, the visionary who 20 years ago introduced thinking by analogy hands-on to the world of education.

Likin' Lichens:  Symbiosis Anyone? 
C.L. Moss, Ecological educator, Mattole River Watershed, CA.   Loupe-Leap onto Lichens

Private Eye Templates

Beautiful templates to make life easy for you and your students. Lead your students into inquiry, writing, drawing, and finally, a research writing project with The Private Eye. Teachers who’ve reviewed these templates are jumping for joy.

Preservice Teacher Training – Better Teachers Now!

Jeff Self of Humboldt University, California, presidential awardee teacher turned university professor, shares his thoughts on using The Private Eye as the foundation for teaching preservice science methods and critical thinking.

Arts Infusion Coast to Coast

Diane Rowen Garmire, art and gifted and talented teacher from the Libby Center, Spokane, WA, answers the question “How do we prepare our children—our present students—for life in the near future?” If you know The Private Eye fingerprint activity, you’ll see that she and her students give a whole new meaning to the word “Goldfinger.”

Nancy Libson, Clarmont Immersion School in Arlington, VA, reports on The Private Eye's impact as the inaugural program to introduce the school's new exemplary project in the cultural arts.

Afterschool Worlds

Mary van-Balen Holt, Afterschool Program Director from the Eastside Center for Success, Lancaster OH, tells all in her moving essay: “Take a Loupe at That!": The Private Eye Jeweler's Loupes in Afterschool Programming.

We are pleased to be named one of the premier afterschool curriculums by reviewers in the Consumers Guide to Afterschool Science Resources

Five Fun Steps with The Private Eye

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