The Private Eye - looking closely and thinking by analogy with jeweler's loupes and inquiry method for hands-on interdisciplinary science, art, writing, math, and more

National Science Teachers Association
National Conference, Los Angeles, CA
March 30 - April 2, 2017

Magnify Your Mind!
—Science, Writing, Art and The Private Eye®

Friday, March 31, 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Los Angeles Convention Center, 408a

Give your students a wallop of wonder and mystery—using a jeweler’s loupe, everyday objects, and a powerful inquiry process. Students investigate science phenomena with fresh perspective and surprise themselves as they write, draw, and theorize at sophisticated levels. Habits of close observation bloom. Critical thinking soars. NGSS and Common Core come to life. Take away this easy, hands-on method—and magnify minds! Free starter kit.

Early Bird? Join us at the Elementary Extravaganza! Friday, 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM, Grand Ballroom A

Be sure to visit our sponsor, Educational Innovations, Booth 11186, Exhibit Hall


What conference attendees say about our sessions....

“High Energy – Fantastic!!”

“One of the best organized & anticipated workshops I have attended.  You work as a team very well together.”

“Very valuable. Easily adaptable to all ages.”

“Fantastic presentation with ideas that anyone can use.”

“One of the best uses of PowerPoint I have seen in some time!  Wow!”

“Excellent session!!!”


“Fantastic!  Presenters were great.”

“I will DEFINITELY share with/encourage every Bio/Earth Sci colleague to use it.”

“Fun for my Science Club!”

“I will be suggesting this for a Professional Development in my school district.”

“Lots of fun, good ideas for classroom application, great presenter.”

“Very valuable.  Easily adaptable to all ages.”

“I loved this workshop!”

“I was at the Educational Innovations booth and a young lady bought The Private Eye Teacher's Guide.  She had just left The Private Eye morning session and she was raving about it.
I came to the afternoon session and I agree!”

“Fantastic!  Super for all ages!”
“Liberating!  What a springboard close observation can be for in-depth thinking!!”

“Outstanding.  Hope I can begin immediately at my school.”

Fantabulous! Worth every minute.”

“Excellent workshop with great usefulness for
all ages.  Super handout packet.”

“Excellent, inspiring, makes me want to ‘hook’ all the elementary teachers in my district.”

“Outstanding – relevant -  This is the type of workshop that Professional Development should be modeled from.  You come away with content and pedagogy and at a level that students can understand and doesn’t have to be redeveloped for your students. Science Literacy – across curriculum.”

And ... an in-depth response from George Kerr, University of Nevada, College of Education:

"After teaching for thirty plus years I found The Private Eye Program to be of the quality and novelty we used to get when new programs like Project WET, WILD and others would first be available to teachers and students.   READ MORE...

NSTA participant using a Private Eye jeweler's loupe.

NSTA participant using a Private Eye jeweler's loupe.

Kerry Ruef, founder and director of The Private Eye, presents at NSTA.

NSTA participant using a Private Eye jeweler's loupe.

NSTA participant using a Private Eye jeweler's loupe.


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