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From the 6th grade classroom of
Ian Hargreaves,
Miracle Creek Elementary,
Black Creek, B.C., Canada:



It looks like a scarred
Dinosaurs head,
And the rough crags
Of a mountain range.
It reminds me of a
Purple gravel bed,
And of a cow with a
Nose so strange.
It looks like the crashing waves,
At Torrey Pines, CA.
And it reminds me of a canyon.
It looks like the soft sunrays,
On the wrinkled hide of an
Elephants head.
It reminds me of
Little suckling piglets.
And their mamma pig

               — Hannah A. de Putter



It looks like I’m in a galaxy,
Or maybe I’m not .
It looks like I’m in a crystal cave,
Or maybe I’m not.
I think I’m on Mars,
Or maybe I’m not.
Oh no it’s exploding,
All space is exploding,
Now it is raining
All purple raindrops.
The soundwave it’s killing me
My ears are exploding.

               — Tessa Lee Goodwin


What am I?

My eyes are like a kaleidoscope,
My wings are like four screen doors,
I have a long tail,
When I fly I look like a B-52 bomber,
Some of us are green while others are blue,
Some of us have a wing span of four inches,
like to eat mosquitoes.
What am I ?

               — Samantha Krystel O’Leary-Luzney



It looks like a whirlpool
Turning roughly in waves.
Up above, a rainbow with tons
Of colours, like a mess of paint
Spilled like wrinkles on a face.
It reminds me of the rings
On the trunk of trees
Scattered like shoelaces.
It's like the blood-red veins,
In your eye. The eye looking
upon the designs of a dress.
It reminds me of the busy traffic
On a Saturday afternoon.

               — Janine Galandy


Sea Urchin

Volcanoes resting on purple skin
Garter snakes intertwined
Hills and mountains and pentagons sure are a big surprise!

Tentacles waving to and fro,
Many eyes a-watching.
Flesh like apricots,
To have a loupe look,
Is to see the world,
From a bugs eye view!

               — Shea Wyatt

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