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Teacher Joan Fiset asked her seniors to loupe study an object, and as usual, write 10 things it reminded them of; then choose one line and list it alone on a page, followed by a prose memoir that arose from the association.  The following is a memoir from this assignment:

Seed Pods

The young birds cry for their mother

The cries, I heard them, wondering how long they had been calling before I became aware. The leaves were in piles. Dad let me ride in the trailer. Me with my pitchfork bigger than I would ever be. The day had the warmth that only fall days can have, the smell of harvests and wet grass. As I had first noticed the birds call, I realized they had stopped. Mom had come with breakfast.

— Andrew Holmberg, Grade 12
Woodinville High School
Woodinville, Washington

[memoir based on loupe/analogy work with a sweet gum seed pod]

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