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Each student created a "quote" based on his or her journal analogy-observation:

June 1

Temp: 70 degrees
Moon Phase:
Sunrise: 5:33 a.m.
Sunset: 8:49 p.m.
Tides: high — 6:33 a.m. 5.4 ft.
                           7:34 p.m. 6.7 ft.
             low — 12:44 a.m. 2.2 ft.
                          12:55 p.m. 1.1 ft.

Weather: Morning clouds with 20% chance of rain, then partly cloudy. Clearing tonight.

- Flower -

I did a thorough loupe looking on a flower I'm not sure the name of.  Its pink flowers seem to look like explosions and iridescent leaves.

- Quote -

As a toddler opens his eyes in wonder at the colorful explosion of fireworks a girl the same age gazes in amazement at the pink snow falling from the sky.

— Monica, Grade 7
Kennedy Middle School
Eugene, Oregon

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