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Writing Gallery

From the 3rd Grade classroom of
Mary Gagnon,
John R. Briggs Elementary,
Ashburnham, Massachusetts:


Autumn Leaves

The color of hot lava,
Crinkle papers,
Shaped like a Christmas tree,
It looks like fire burning.
A red toothpick stem.



Autumn Leaf

A big wreath,
An old city,
A big state,
A big hill,
A duckfoot.

— Chris A.


What Leaves Look Like

It looks like my skin because it has cracks,
Hot lava from a volcano,
One of their roads looks like Lake Shore Drive,
It looks like Venus because it is red,
It looks like a sunburn.



Autumn Leaves

Crinkled paper,
Five big lines,
Red and orange,
Flies down to the ground,
Holes that snails ate.

— Jillian


What Leaves Look Like

Crinkled paper,
Chameleon-bumpy and colorful,
Sun burned skin,
Stem like a mouse tail,
Brown thread.

— Gabriella


Autumn Leaves

A red land,
It looks like red ribbon,
It looks like crinkled paper,
It looks like land,
It falls down to the ground.

— Faith-Ann


Autumn Leaves

Beautiful colors of the sunset,
Red lava from a volcano,
Strands of hair,
A skinny piece of twig,
Stems like a mousetail.

— Amanda


Autumn Leaves

Earth with cracks,
Craters in the moon,
Hot lava,
Mississippi River,
The stem looks like a red toothpick.

— Brendan


Cool Leaves

A burning tree,
Colors of a sunset,
Crinkled paper,
Fire and gas,
Splattered paint

— Mitchell


Autumn Leaves

Like skin with a sunburn,
A busy city,
Like the surface of Venus,
A desert that is hot,
Like a bent tree.

— Brian


Autumn Leaves

Red fire, green grass,
A little world,
Shapes of continents,
Big stars,
The orange sun.

— Jordan



Little Roads,
Red lava,
A big city,
Crinkled paper,
Colors of the sun.

— Alex


Beautiful Leaves

The season of Fall,
A red and yellow ball,
A beautiful star,
A red and yellow planet,
A crinkled up sun.

— Brittany


Autumn Leaf

Rainbow in the sky,
Chameleon bumpy and colorful,
Purple rivers,
A red toothpick stem,
A colorful sunset.

— Anika


Autumn Leaves

Small little roads,
Beautiful sunset,
Pretty rainbow in the sky,
Red tooth without point,
Burn fire.

— Hannah



City of Boston,
Spots like bugs,
Forest on fire,
Little spider webs,
Stem like a pencil.

— Rick


Autumn Leaves

Cracked Roads,
Chameleon bumpy and colorful,
Stem like a mousetail,
Mississippi River,
Strands of hair.

— Melissa


Autumn Leaves

The craters of the moon,
Tar spots,
The sun,
Furry like a dog.

— Jonathan


Autumn Leaves

A big city,
A small Christmas tree,
Chameleon bumpy and colorful,
A sharp toothpick,
A big rainbow.

— Jeff


Autumn Leaves

A big star,
Little roads,
The sun,
A big city,
An autumn tree.

— Colin



Hot lava,
The sun.

— Elysia


Autumn Leaves in the Air

A big rock,
Mean eyes staring at you,
Goosebumps on your skin,
Your veins,
A tip of an arrow.

— Chris F.

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