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I attend a workshop at the AMS [American Montessori Society] Meeting in Boston last April. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to buy 20 eye loupes for my class. I started with the hand exercise. Then I gave each child a flower from a bugambilia plant. They looked closely with the loupe and wrote ten observations. Then they picked their two favorites to share in the circle. We did it like the sandwich poem idea. After all of them shared everyone was quiet in wonder and astonishment: They had actually created a poem! I couldn't believe it either, children are indeed full of poetry! I'm planning to make a little book with the children's poems to give their parents.
Thanks a lot!

Lupita Benitez, Leon, Gto, Mexico


Un retoño lindo como el sol
con hoyitos a su alrededor.
Salió recto como su madre.
Tiene dos manos y le gustan las hojas.
“Mi hijo caído del cielo, te amo como
Dios. Eres tan bello y tus hojas iguales
a las de tu madre”

A little shoot pretty as the sun
with holes around it.
It came out straight like her mother.
“My son from heaven, I love you
like I love God. You are so beautiful
and your leaves are just like your mother's”

— Diego


Paracaídas , paracaídas
que salva a la gente de caídas

Parachute, parachute
that saves people from falls

— Ricardo


Es morada esta flor,
dentro tiene un botón,
tiene polen ¡sí señor!

It is purple, this flower
Inside it has a bud
It has pollen, yes sir!

— María Andrea


Flor hermosa, hermosa como las mañanas,
de olor lindo como el champú que arranco
y me siento en un sillón calientito y la observo....

Beautiful flower, beautiful like the mornings
With a wonderful smell like shampoo. I cut it
And I sit in a comfortable couch and I watch it…

— Pablo


Es bonita como el cielo
Es tan bonita que se marchita

It is pretty like the sky
It is so pretty that it withers

— Lucía


Es morada
como la casa en la que vives

It's purple
Like the house you live in

— Mauricio


Como las alas de una mariposa   (Sandra)
Como una rosa, como mi mamá  (Juanger)

Like butterfly's wings
Like a rose, like my mother


Tiene venas como las personas
Es natural como la naturaleza

It has viens like people
it is natural like mother nature

— Ale mena


Es una flor bonita
que luce en tu rostro.
Luce bien,
es pequeña como tú.

It is a pretty flower
That makes your face shine.
It looks nice,
It's little like you

— Miguel


De tallo frágil
Y hojas de terciopelo.

Fragile stem
And velvet leaves




Bella como la vida,
fresca como el aire.
Ella, sin nadie,
vive la vida con alegría
y sus amigas las flores
la llaman bugambilia

Beautiful as life is
Fresh like the air.
She, alone,
Lives life with joy
And her flower friends
Call her bugambilia

— Sofia 


Mis nervaduras saben buenas
porque yo las hice
y lo mejor es
que las hice en Belice

My nervations are great
because I made them
Best of all is
I made them in Belize

— Raúl

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