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University of Alabama at Birmingham/ALAHASP Group
Newest Certified Trainers!

Private Eye Certified Trainers
Joan Dawson
Janelle Adams
Ann Bettis
 Beverly Radford

Meet our newest Certified Trainers:
Joan Dawson, The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Janelle Adams, Trussville Middle School
Ann Bettis, Trussville Intermediate
Beverly Radford, The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Why they chose The Private Eye Train-the-Trainers
"We embraced The Private Eye because it fit our mission of improving elementary science education.  Over the 6 years since we incorporated it into our program we have given workshops and presentations to diverse groups of people.  We’ve worked with community leaders; elementary, middle, and high school teachers of science, math, English, art, special ed, gifted; an undergraduate developmental reading class, get the idea.  They all got the elegant, powerful simplicity of the process, and saw applications in their own areas of endeavor.  It really embodies the application of the research done on how people learn in general and how children learn in particular." (Beverly Radford, Program Manager, ALAHASP)

Since 2003 The Private Eye has been collaborating with ALAHASP, an Alabama statewide science reform effort whose goal is to help Alabama school systems reform their elementary science programs; ALAHASP (Alabama Hands-on Science Activity Program) is a consortium of 45 school districts and the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Read Anne Bettis's moving story about the training experience.


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Beverly Radford, UAB, 205-934-6885, email:
Joan Dawson, UAB, 205-934-6843,  email:



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