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We are gathering material for our third and fourth books.  Would you like to contribute your own lesson idea or unit spinning off The Private Eye process?  One book will be an anthology of lesson plans K-6, and the other will feature high school.   Both these books will have the same spirit of lively graphics as in the first book.  We will also be doing a book devoted to theorizing, K-16, and we look forward to including samples from a wide range of classrooms.

Teachers from many states and western Canada have already submitted their contributions, but there's room for more!  If we have too many ideas that should be published, we'll just have to publish another volume!

Each book will contain about fifty to sixty teacher-designed lesson plans in a wide range of subject areas showing The Private Eye process: Art, Language Arts, Science, Math, Bilingual, Social Studies, Computers, you name it!

Teachers submitting accepted work will be awarded, as a modest honorarium, two of the new books (when published) and a class set (30) of small magnifier boxes.  If you are interested in submitting click the Lesson Plan Template, download it, and invent away!  Or you can call and request that we mail or fax you the form.

Please mail your lesson plans to:

The Private Eye Project

Or you may fax them to: (509) 365-3777.

We look forward to receiving your lesson plan ideas!


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