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Orange County Public Schools, Orlando, FL, one of the largest districts in the nation, chose the Train-the-Trainers in district-wide initiative.
"I think your train-the-trainer institute was perfect and I don’t have any suggestions for improving it.  It was obvious that you and Kerry put much time into the planning and scaffolding of each day"
--Molly Malloy
District Science Resource Teacher, OCPS, FL

The Private Eye Training-the-Trainers Institute

Working with Houston Independent School District
Meet The Private Eye Houston ISD Trainers!
What the Trainers Say about the Institute
Presenting a Workshop as a Certified Private Eye Trainer

University of Alabama/ALAHASP Certified Trainers!

STEM Training Workshop STEM Training Workshop
STEM Training Workshop STEM Training Workshop
STEM Training Workshop

“The Private Eye is fantastic for both teachers and students alike. We choose The Private Eye Train-the-Trainers  as an exemplary staff development program—one that would also give our students the best tools for success.”
    - Sandra Antalis, Elementary Science Coordinator, Houston Independent School District

The Private Eye Training-the-Trainers Institute:

  • The Private Eye trains a cadre of 6-12 in-district teachers/specialists/administrators to deliver the official Private Eye Workshops to your district’s teachers.
  • Accelerates delivery of The Private Eye to all your students
  • Cost effective
  • Nationally-acclaimed
  • For districts large and small
  • Always Hands-on, always investigative, The Private Eye is the integrated inquiry program that transforms teachers and kids as they develop the habits of mind most important to thinking and creativity in writing, science, art, math and social studies.

One of the most powerful, life-changing staff development experiences your teachers will ever have—whether they’ve been teaching 25 years or only just begun.

The Private Eye Training-the-Trainers Pilot: Modesto City School, Modesto,CA
Modesto city Schools, with over 32,000 students was the site of 2005 pilot project for The Private Eye Training-the-Trainers' Institute. Kathe Poteet, K-12 Science Coordinator, was the district liason and also one of nine trainers for the district. The other wonderful trainers included: RoseMary Tomb, Terri Fischer, Melody McGill, Rose Kahn, Henrietta Sparkman,    Janette Schmidt, Cliff Judd, and Bernadette Galvan  

The Private Eye Training-the-Trainers: Houston Independent School District

Houston ISD, with over 200,000 students, is the seventh largest school district in the United States.  Sandy Antalis, K-8 Science Supervisor for Houston ISD, chose The Private Eye as one of the most effective methods for delivering integrated inquiry skills for all her students.

Working with Sandy, we developed thirteen in-district trainers in the Spring of 2008, now certified and licensed to deliver the acclaimed Private Eye workshops to the teachers of Houston ISD. Kerry Ruef, Founder and Director of The Private Eye, and David Melody, Associate Director, led the Training Institute. The trainers are now giving their first Private Eye workshops and the excitement is palpable and contagious: schools are lining up in their requests for the workshops. Even Hurricane Ike only slowed requests for a week.

On the Training Institute:

Here’s a glance at what the Houston Private Eye Trainers have to say about the Training Institute and the experience of giving their first workshops:

“I felt that the Private Eye training was absolutely fantastic. I think the concept is wonderful and I see it as a way to get students to think in a deeper manner, and to look at tangible object in a different, more intense way.  The pace of the training was good.  I'm not the kind of person that can sit still for a long period of time, but I really never once felt like "I had to get out of there."  Believe me - I feel like that with MANY trainings.  I loved listening to both of you.  Many times you could feel the intelligence that both of you have just oozing from you.”
—Linda Schroder, Science Lead Teacher, Houston ISD, certified Private Eye Trainer

“My experience with The Private Eye workshop and training sessions was eye-opening (literally), gratifying and validating.  But more than that, the entire philosophy, coupled with the approach and energy of the presenters, is rich with constructive ideas, supportive interaction and participant bonding—a recipe for automatic success afterwards!  You will never, ever again look at anything in the same way.”
—Lynn Gerbode, Science Lead Teacher, Houston ISD, certified Private Eye Trainer

"With The Private Eye, I've discovered a symphony of flowers on a piece of broccoli, the copper-shimmer lip gloss on a tiny flower petal, the geometry in a beetle's back.  Most importantly, I looked closer at myself and discovered my inner scientist deep inside.  Thanks for the inspiration!"
—Dottie Lawrence, Literacy Specialist, Houston ISD, certified Private Eye Trainer

Presenting a Workshop as a Certified Private Eye Trainer:

“Training was awesome! I presented TPE to 43 teachers at my school last week. It was awesome! I was amazed that the teachers I could never get "into" science were the first ones on board with TPE. I had full participation - nobody sat and worked on something else during the presentation and hands-on activities. It was a fabulous experience!
—Kim Ottosen, Science Lead Teacher, Houston ISD, certified Private Eye Trainer

" Everyone left with big smiles, even remarking that this was the first in-service in ages where  they didn’t fall asleep by  the first hour.  Says a lot for you guys and your program. ...  
Though it was only the first school day after the workshop, I spotted 3 teachers at my school  with  their entire class outside on what  I call a “Loupe Troop” at various times of the day on Monday.   ( I had to laugh,  though, when one teacher wryly reported that her GT science class dropped a loupe “17 times” and her ELL class ZERO! ) And one  other colleague  even called me over the weekend to say thanks for holding the session!  Yikes!"
—Lynn Gerbode, Science Lead Teacher, Houston ISD, certified Private Eye Trainer  

"Just wanted to let you know that the inservice went absolutely fantastic. I had 56 people and most grade levels want to order loupes so each teacher can have her own.  I had two teachers tell me today that they already started “louping” with their kids.  I am truly delighted how much everyone enjoyed it." 
—Linda Schroder, Science Lead Teacher, Houston ISD, certified Private Eye Trainer 

Classroom Use:

“I have used the program from the beginning of the school year.  My classroom teachers stay with their classes in lab and they really like the results.  I will report more formally later.”
—Scherie Townes, Science Lead Teacher, Houston ISD, certified Private Eye Trainer

Would you like a Training-the-Trainers Institute for your school district?

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